Touch2Touch: “Only Connect”

Loving images as I do, VIEW is where I get to play with and post them to my satisfaction. But from the beginning of my life, and still as the end comes into sight, it’s words that are my building blocks, playthings, pretty bubbles floating in the air —

So I want to let those of you who don’t already know it —

I have a text-based blog also, whose real aim is conversation. I get to set the topic (sometimes funny, often serious, and that’s why we have blogs, isn’t it?) and readers get to stick in their oar with comments, sometimes even cross-comments with each other.  When that happens, when there’s a lively conversation, I’m at my happiest!

So get in touch! To visit, just click the link, and you’re with me at Touch2Touch.

I love comments! Thanks for coming by and visiting ---

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