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Weekly Photo Challenge: DIALOGUE

Another quickie food “dialogue”, overheard at the farm stand just up the street: Here we come to market, to market — And now: Free again! (As you are free to provide any dialogue of your choice!)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: DIALOGUE

What fun this theme is! At first I thought all my photos were essentially one-offs, that they had nothing to say to each other. Not so! Lots of them were just waiting to engage in dialogue. So I’ll begin arbitrarily … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

I’m a city girl at heart, not so much for the outdoors. My mother used to chase me outside after school, “Go out and play in the fresh air!” So it’s probably no wonder that, decades later, I still like … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CURVES (1)

Artichokes are actually nothing BUT curves! Artichokes are irresistible to me. They have a secret heart awaiting the bold adventurer who dares their curves and sharply pointed leaves. First each sharp point must be scissored blunt. Then, to steam the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE (2)

Spectacular among vegetables, this regal cauliflower: Photographed at the Lenox Farmer’s Market. (But after being cooked, it simply tasted like any cauliflower, white, yellow or purple.)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: SUMMER (2)

I suppose there are people who are hot for meat and potatoes, and don’t so much care for the vegetable side of life. Not me. I ADORE vegetables. Asparagus are in season right now, and I’ll have them almost every … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNUSUAL, 3

Positively the last food reference in this category! But the watermelon radish really is unusual, even if it’s nowhere near as delicious as the broccolo romanesco. It has perfect watermelon colors and looks like no radish you ever saw. On … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNUSUAL, 1

So many unusual and wonderful things, where do we start first? How about in the vegetable kingdom, with one of the most unusual (and sumptuous) vegetables I’ve ever seen, the Broccolo Romanesco: I’ve written about this extraordinary creature before in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: WINTER

My favorite asparagus and corn are long since gone, and winter’s chilly breezes don’t always thrill me — but they certainly encourage cooking and eating lovely things like these roasted vegetables — So let’s hear it for the vegetables of … Continue reading

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Rx for Winter: Eye Candy #13

I remember these vegetables. They weren’t piled in supermarket bins, limp and tired from their long trek from California. No, these came from local farms and were piled on trestle tables, bursting with vitality, by the farmers themselves, and sold … Continue reading

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