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Weekly Photo Challenge: ZIGZAG, 2

What beautiful memories these particular zigzags conjure up! These are the vermilion zigzag edges of the pagoda associated with Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto. Anyone complaining about August heat in New England just needs to head for Japan in the summer. The very definition of HOT! … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: World Through My Eyes (2)

It was the harbor in Ogunquit, ME. But to me it was as close to Venice again as I’d be getting for quite a while, if ever. So the young rower with the strong arms — not by a long … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN

Foreign to me = exotic. My lacquer box portrays the Firebird, a legendary Russian creature resembling our fairy tale Phoenix. The Firebird comes straight out of a Russian fairy tale, and Russia to me — for many reasons — is as … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MOVEMENT (2)

Returning to the United States from my first European trip in 1956 aboard the Ile de France —  We entered the harbor early in the morning, with the sunrise. On deck breathless with excitement, I snapped this photo of the … Continue reading

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Things being as they are in Northampton, which is, after all, a smallish town — When you go out to eat or club you’re likely to meet “your Uncle Max and everyone you know”. But there is one place — … Continue reading

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Weekly (Unofficial) Photo Challenge: SUMMER TRAVEL

Nothing I have ever seen in my life is so GREEN as rice fields in Japan in the summertime.  They are the essence of greenness, so much so that first they shocked my eyes, and then nourished them as green … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: JOURNEY (1)

The way journeys used to be — is the way they’re revived every other year in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts on Coaching Weekend. Some dozen or so four-in-hand coaches in the Gilded Age tradition roll out from Orleton Farm … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: WATER

Sailing into New York harbor at 6 am, standing on the deck of the Ile de France, and who even remembers that ship any more? It was so long ago that everyone who went to Europe still went by ship, … Continue reading

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Travel Notes from All Over —

(And now for something a little bit different —) There used to be a regular feature in, was it The New Yorker? under that rubric, and something I came across while Googling this morning has prompted me to revive it here, … Continue reading

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