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Weekly Photo Challenge: SELFIE

Outside of the fact that the term “selfie” sounds like it was invented by a pre-kindergarten teacher for her fledglings — the art of the indirect self-portrait is fun. And it’s certainly much easier for me to bear looking at … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN (2)

My favorite book when I was a little girl was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But actually, I now discover, it is the second half of it, Through the Looking Glass, which contains all my favorite bits. The biggest adventure of … Continue reading

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Weekly (unofficial) Photo Challenge: Reflections

Are we outside going into the world of books? or going back into the world of nature? Is this how Alice felt going Through the Looking Glass? More puzzling reflections in earlier challenges, UNFOCUSED — just scroll down on full … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNFOCUSED (3)

Unfocused watery reflections yield what to me are magical results: and this one, which I call Moiré in the Water:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: DISTORT, 3

More trees. Yes, they are — reflected in the Mill River as it runs through Look Park. The wavy upside-down vision shimmers on the satiny water. It reminds me of moiré patterns. But even as I watch, the reflections coil … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows, 5

Berkshire mountains ringing the idyllic *  little town of Williamstown, MA are doubled in the windows of the Stone Hill Center of the Clark Art Institute. The new center, high above the original white marble temple of the Clark’s first … Continue reading

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The World Above, the World Below

Our very favorite local park was unharmed by the Bitch Irene. Its stately trees lost some twigs, a few branches, but still stood tall and proud after the hurricane. The threadlike Mill River swelled  and overflowed its banks, but ebbed … Continue reading

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