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Weekly Photo Challenge: COLORFUL, 1

Well, seems to me the HOT rubric last week inspired a powerful lot of COLORFUL photos, especially flowers. But we’ll do our best with the nuances — And start off gently, with some more — flowers! But this time the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: HOT

Sneaking in under the wire, my last entrant in the Red Hot Sweepstakes — a Red Hot Lily! This flower’s got real PRESENCE!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: HOT (3)

It’s amazing how hot colors can warm up a chilly space! The bedroom in our new house was a sadly unsatisfying room. It’s awkwardly shaped, and the furniture just clung to the only two walls possible for placing things, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Still MORE Red

This time the red is supplied by guest photographer Martin Greene, and as usual with Martin’s photos, it’s spectacular — banners at Lincoln Center’s New York State Theater:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MORE RED

All it’s done for a week is rain — drool, spit, drizzle, pour– and the skies are perpetually gray. What a contrast to the bright blue skies and brilliant sunlight of Arizona! And we live in the Northeast — why? … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: RED

In Mexico, it’s ROJO — Here in San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city in the mountains of Central Mexico, even the crumbling fragments of walls are beautiful in any language:

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RX for Winter: Eye Candy #7

SNOW SPECIAL! Two for the Price of One Photos taken at the Wesleyan Potters Annual Exhibit, Middletown, CT, and selected to offset today’s white-out: First, for the brightness, a RED vase. The accomplished consortium that are the Wesleyan Potters work … Continue reading

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RX for Winter: Eye Candy #3

Across the street, San Miguel de Allende

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