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Weekly Photo Challenge: POINT OF VIEW

Roses being as voluptuous as they are, they’re usually shown full blown, full face. Is there such a thing as an austere rose? I think so. I think this one is showing off its pure profile. And the elegant purple … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE (Again)

More conventional, yes — but no less beautiful. There are a myriad purple flowers. Here are just three of my favorites.¬†First up, two strong colors side by side that don’t knock each other out, but simply up the ante: Purple … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE (X-Rated)

Here it is, the purple of purple passion! Caught in a window display at the Holyoke Mall, sexy babe who might be even sexier in the purple jobbie featured next to her:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE (2)

Spectacular among vegetables, this regal cauliflower: Photographed at the Lenox Farmer’s Market. (But after being cooked, it simply tasted like any cauliflower, white, yellow or purple.)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE

So, in this tangle of footwear at the entrance to our house, √† la Japonaise, which are the shoes you notice first? Got it in one, of course. The purple Crocs! Purple is a color with ATTITUDE. Just like what … Continue reading

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