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Weekly Photo Challenge: FORESHADOW (2)

Now what in the world do you think is going to happen here? You’re right! A concert! That was easy. Here are two more photos: what do you think they foreshadow? Oysters and good bread –You got it! A first-rate … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: NOSTALGIA

Oh, for the days when I could wear these! Nothing like red shoes to lift feminine spirits! (And stiletto heels to rivet masculine eyes.) But alas, now it’s flats and worse than flats. Now it’s New Balance sneakers and walking shoes, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: COMPANIONABLE

My Shadow I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me, And what can be the use of him is more than I can see. He is very, very like me from the heels up to the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ABOVE (4)

Nothing else about the photos pleased me. Not the angle I was able to shoot from, nor the inability to isolate the flowers. There they are, all crammed together in a weedy overgrown bed, scrunched right up against the vinyl … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Day Makes —-

Twenty-four little hours —   ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ First photo taken one day, of an azalea considering whether it’s time to bloom or not: And one day later, here’s little azalea all grown up and making her debut! To celebrate the eternal, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UP (2)

Two of my very favorite recent photos need no comment. In fact, I couldn’t make any comment, they just ARE — abstract designs: First, steam rising in a sugar shack: And next, light from above makes for drama, if not … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOST IN THE DETAILS (3)

I realize I’ve been translating this particular challenge, Lost in the Details, to mean Hidden. A way of hiding something in plain sight, losing it among other details. This is probably not how most people are interpreting the challenge, but … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOST IN THE DETAILS (2)

Lost in the details, layer upon layer, here are some Japanese teapots at the Teavanna store in our Holyoke Mall: and here are the teapots, even more intricately layered, with some reflections thrown in: We’re taking a DVD class on … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND (2)

Supermarkets often seem to be organized on very strange principles. I know that dairy counters are always against one of the farthest walls, so that in order to pick up frequent necessities like butter and milk and eggs, shoppers are … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND

What lies beyond a window? Many things. For instance, a mountain in Arizona: Or an enchanted village: A forest in Maine: Or a mystery of unknowing. Or of not-yet-knowing:

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