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Weekly Photo Challenge: INFINITE

Infinite patterns — going on and on and on, seemingly never-ending. Is this reassuring? I’m not so sure. But it makes for an interesting gallery, I think! (The patterns are photogenic and pleasing, I hope. But for something closer, perhaps, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines and Patterns

A little late, but still in the game  — The weekly photo challenge is on lines and patterns in nature and in man-made objects.  The suggestion was made that a gallery is more effective than a single shot, so here … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PATTERN (2)

Still at the bank: It never struck me like this before — but a schedule is a kind of pattern too. Speaking of the patterns of one’s life, it’s something else to take into consideration!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PATTERN

It makes me chuckle — how clear a statement can it be? The patterns of Nature and the patterns of humans (especially if they’re bankers working with the architect): If inclined that way, it’s a starting point for a whole … Continue reading

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