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This year’s Spring: It’s a Quiet Thing —

Spring came slowly this year, and quietly. No blare of trumpets or daffodils, no noisy explosions of azaleas (not yet, at least) — just quietly. Water riffling the pond at Look Park: Pale blossoms timidly unfolding: Winter’s warriors fallen: Spring’s … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN (2)

My favorite book when I was a little girl was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But actually, I now discover, it is the second half of it, Through the Looking Glass, which contains all my favorite bits. The biggest adventure of … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: JOURNEY (2)

A journey, yes —  going around in circles! This charming mini-railroad runs (in clement weather) around a portion of Northampton’s Look Park. (I hear you now: is there no end to the wonders of this park? And the answer is … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THROUGH, 2

If you want to go to the other side, you’ll have to go THROUGH the Potato Island Bridge, not forgetting to walk your horses, or you’ll pay a hefty $2.00 fine. If your horses are feisty or only imperfectly under your … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder, 3

When it comes to trees —- the Japanese have the right idea! Shinto is an animist religion which worships Kami, spirits that inhere in nature: in oceans, rivers, the sun, rocks, perhaps above all, in TREES.  Every Shinto shrine I’ve visited … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder, 2

More mysterious light, painting a stripe through the woods at Look Park: As far as I’m concerned, from the first time I drove through the gates, Look Park was a place of magic, wonder, and enchantment! But lately it seems … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Who could pass up this opportunity? Halloween is coming, and our Look Park is ready for it. There are howling wolves, and witches on their brooms, and black cats, and ghosts, and even a haunted train ride. I’ll be there! … Continue reading

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They Play Hardball —

at the Potato Island Bridge (a little-known span across the Mill River in Look Park, Northampton): So don’t be in a hurry, better hold your horses — or your bike — or risk the two-buck fine!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FALL

What could be more a sign of “Fall” than mushrooms? (At least in my mind….) We found this speckled specimen growing in the woods at Northampton’s delightful Look Park on one of the few non-rainy mornings we’ve had lately: And no, we … Continue reading

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The World Above, the World Below

Our very favorite local park was unharmed by the Bitch Irene. Its stately trees lost some twigs, a few branches, but still stood tall and proud after the hurricane. The threadlike Mill River swelled  and overflowed its banks, but ebbed … Continue reading

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