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Weekly Photo Challenge: SERENITY

PI love it! As my friends said on the rustic sign they hurriedly hung on a tree in the wooded entry drive to their new house: SERENITY NOW! My friends found — or attempted to create — their serenity in the Beautiful … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: SIGNS, 3

Poor thing! Read the sign and weep, for the poor straggling diffident plant that’s been stuck with a double-barrelled loser of a name: Field Pussytoes, Antennaria Neglecta. And let that be an example for us all, not to neglect our antennae! (Even in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: SIGNS, 2

How about this one? Darwin in Maine! A highly evolved state, Maine. No further commentary needed.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ADVENTURE!

When I look at this photo, I see a gondolier in Venice. But of course that’s my imagination (and my passion for Venice) doing the seeing.  Who’s actually here is a gondolier-type macho young sailor in Maine’s Ogunquit harbor: It was a … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTAINERS, 2

Then there’s a box of stone unexpectedly containing — flowers! It makes me think of a famous haiku by Basho: The temple bell stops. But the sound keeps coming out of the flowers.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: World Through My Eyes (2)

It was the harbor in Ogunquit, ME. But to me it was as close to Venice again as I’d be getting for quite a while, if ever. So the young rower with the strong arms — not by a long … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: GEOMETRY (2)

Architecture almost of its nature (the funky creations of Frank Gehry usually excepted) is about geometry. Angles and shapes, foursquare mostly, following function, in the immortal phrase of Chicago architect Louis Sullivan, the “father of skyscrapers.” There aren’t really any skyscrapers … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: GROWTH (4)

Here is dinner salad growing in the garden of Melissa Kelly’s outstanding Primo restaurant in Rockland, Maine: A mixed green salad, so here’s more for the mix: And yes, the salad was fresh (obviously) and delicious. So was the entire … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: SUN (2)

The sun is striking diamonds from this lake in Acadia National Park, Maine: and bouncing off these ferns nearby:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST, 3

I seem to have taken a lot of photos over time that contrast Inside and Outside. They bear a resemblance to one another, but somehow to me there’s a very different feel to each of them. I’m not sure why … Continue reading

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