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Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibilities

Eat your greens, say moms, coaxingly or sternly or pleading. If kids could go outside and pick them, mightn’t they find eating their greens more appealing? Like an adventure –How about the possibilities here, in what used to be called … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Taken in the garden at sunset after a typhoon in Mie Prefecture, Japan:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PATH

Into the shrine at Miyajima — a lone tourist/pilgrim on the long entrance path. This photo was taken a year or two before a typhoon destroyed the famous “island” Shinto shrine outside of Hiroshima that is surrounded by tidal water twice … Continue reading

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A “Borrowed View” —

The Japanese have a concept called shakkei,  or “borrowed view.” Here’s a definition: “When during design and construction of a Japanese garden nearby or distant landscape and landmarks are taken into consideration, and used in such a way that it appears … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains, 3

The mountain dominates the small island upon which it stands. Its foothills are covered with straggly vegetation; there’s a curving beach below it; and the whole island rises out of the surrounding sea — But this “mountain” is actually the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot (1)

Let’s start off a hot week with a photo of a place hotter and steamier than anywhere I’ve ever been in my life, even Houston.  This is summer in Japan, where it’s hot, it’s humid, it’s relentless, and even in … Continue reading

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The Moon Will Not Mind —

People have ideas about Zen. Like, Zen is silent, simple, clear, no? Sometimes, NO! Here’s a great story that made me laugh, borrowed from one of my favorite blogs, John Weeren’s About Zen: A zen monk said: “There is nothing … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn Down

Erosion from waves, and from time, conspire to produce these dramatic rock fragments at the edge of the Japan Sea: And to show you the broader landscape in which those strange rock fragments are embedded:

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Insignificance —

It doesn’t take an earthquake, or a tsunami, or a tornado to show the insignificance of human beings in the natural world. Here, in a “normal” setting in Shimane Prefecture, Japan, is a gorge called by a picturesque name, “Even … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge — ONE

A simple bowl of o-miso soup for one — I can taste the salty grainy texture right now — MMMMMM

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