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Portrait of Amalya

How eloquent is a back? On our travels the Hub always loved taking photos from the back. He called it his signature shot. My interest is more in things, in what Thomas Aquinas (get me!) called quidditas, the “thingness” of things, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

Two kinds of love, at least! going on here: The big guy loves the little guy. The little guy loves the iPad. But the little guy also loves the big guy. He’s his grandpa! A very special relationship.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LAUNCH!

Here is Hannah at the moment of launching herself into space in the excitement and joy at a family wedding: Exuberance itself!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CELEBRATION, 2

All in the Family again: my photo this time, of daughter Jane’s wedding cake. What could be more of a celebration?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family, 3A

This post follows the previous, the battling brothers at the Cologne Zoo! My husband Frank’s photo specialties include animals and people, and after his quarreling elephants it’s nice to show off one of his more amiable subjects (also at the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family, 3

And then there’s this aspect of family — Not as bright and happy as often claimed, perhaps — but just as real. If you remember Biblical history, first thing that happens is that human beings are created. After they disobey, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family, 2

Here’s another family twosome of grandchildren: Big brother Ben with little sister Libby (long before the birth of littlest brother Hayden), taken with skill and love by their daddy (and our son).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

So many ways to picture family — For that matter, so many definitions of what constitutes a family. So let’s start conventionally enough: These two charming butterflies are our two eldest grandchildren, often called “Irish twins” because they were born … Continue reading

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