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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

In the hall of Antiquities at the Yale Art Gallery, this young visitor (with all the aplomb of a mature docent) makes sure that nobody misses whatever it is that has caught her interest — Her gesture is graceful, her … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THE SIGN SAYS (2)

Another Truth in Advertising sign: This store in the Holyoke Mall sells exactly what you think they’d sell, and each candy concoction is ickier, stickier, and gooier than the next! I think you have to be six years old; otherwise … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CULTURE (2)

Galleries and museums have walls on which to display their art works. But art culture in the home most frequently uses a different format. Can you recognize this display case? There are those of you may erroneously call it a … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: HAPPY

Happiness is: A Boy and his iPad! At the Apple Store at the Holyoke Mall, right up front across from the Genius Bar (don’t ask), there’s a special low table for little ones, with iPads just waiting to be picked … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE (1)

I’ve got a strong hunch all of us are going to go to town on this one! So I’ve decided to begin at the beginning, with productions by the most creative humans on the planet — CHILDREN. Children create as … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: HANDS (2)

Again we’re at the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, only this time hands are occupied, not with iguanas, but with their proper subject — the butterflies! Just moments before, this one had landed on top of granddaughter Sarah’s hair. Sarah had … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: JOURNEY (2)

A journey, yes — ¬†going around in circles! This charming mini-railroad runs (in clement weather) around a portion of Northampton’s Look Park. (I hear you now: is there no end to the wonders of this park? And the answer is … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: DISTORT

Why is it that children like nothing more than Making Faces? They are so beautiful, and the more beautiful they are, the more fun they have distorting themselves ¬†— there ought to be a lesson in there somewhere, but darned … Continue reading

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