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Weekly Photo Challenge: JOURNEY (3)

A journey, interrupted — Whose kayak? Has the owner just arrived, covered ┬átheir vessel and rushed off for a meeting? lunch? the bathroom? Perhaps the kayak has been there for a while — hours — days –waiting patiently for the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ARRANGE (2)

If you think this is just a row of random hunks of hay (however oddly colored), know that it is NOT, it’s a sculpture that’s been carefully arranged behind the Cape Cod art gallery sited conveniently on the water —

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Weekly Photo Challenge: TEXTURED

How I love textured things! There are so many photos I have to choose from, where my eye can almost replicate the tactility of my fingertips — Here is the first offering: rocks embedded in a trail in Cape Cod, … Continue reading

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Abstracts for the Abstracted (3) —

This is it, Moving Day — and an abstract photo of my inner psyche (click on it for full effect):

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