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Weekly Photo Challenge: FRESH

That they are, fresh from the oven, on their cooling rack! You’d better believe these scones first were, then were no more, in about two inhalations of a bite each. But they’re also fresh in another, more important sense. They’re … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: COMPANIONABLE (2)

I’m always delighted by how many of you come to visit me here at A View from the Woods. But did you know that A View from the Woods has a companion? Touch2Touch is my companion blog. It has photos, yes, but … Continue reading

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“This morning, I was made aware… Reblogged from fluffy flurries: “This morning, I was made aware of that there’s a commenting problem going around in WordPress. On March 14, they changed something in their commenting system, and this is apparently … Continue reading

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Alas — Whether it’s torn muscles or an RSI or what, I don’t know. But I’m out of action for at least the next several days. (Hopefully not more.) I can’t type enough to post, nor to post comments on … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ENTRANCE to My World —

When I came upon this quote in one of my favorite blogs, Mindful Balance, something went click for me: No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one … Continue reading

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A Post about — Comments!

There’s ham and eggs, brownies and milk, winter and summer, and POSTS AND COMMENTS.  The one makes the other go, the other pulls the one along. I’m sure I have the most thoughtful, interesting readers anywhere. Your lively comments can enlarge my small offerings … Continue reading

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The Moon Will Not Mind —

People have ideas about Zen. Like, Zen is silent, simple, clear, no? Sometimes, NO! Here’s a great story that made me laugh, borrowed from one of my favorite blogs, John Weeren’s About Zen: A zen monk said: “There is nothing … Continue reading

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We Are More Than Shadows —-

As a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow, and as a celebration of International Women’s Day, my blogging friend Tarkan, in Istanbul, created this eye-catching poster. Look closely at the figure, and at the shadow: (You can read a very moving … Continue reading

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Update on Today’s Countdown:

Today didn’t start out as a great morning. It was gray and chill and drizzly-ish, for openers. Then I was struck by a fierce spasm of jealousy (another blogger’s deep and thoughtful post dwarfing my frivolous little post), and then … Continue reading

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