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Weekly Photo Challenge: CULTURE

Maybe we read the word Culture and automatically think — country, or ethnic identity, or any of the arts, or a book — But there are many different kinds of cultures. For example, academics live in one kind of culture, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER (3): The Answer!

Here is the answer to the “riddle,” whom do you NOT skoal at a dinner party (at least in Denmark, at least in my friend’s circles): THE HOSTESS! She who is cooking and serving and caring for the guests — … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER (3)

When it comes to togetherness, my mind doesn’t stray far from food! Whether it’s things I myself love best to eat (a long long list) or foods that GO together, they’re all objects of pleasurable contemplation. Here’s a match made … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows, 2

Are windows to see through? To see in? To see out?  Not necessarily. These windows are to sell through: windows as sales tools! As often when I go to the liquor store, a question arises in my mind, a snatch of poetry from … Continue reading

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