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Weekly Photo Challenge: WALL

A mini-drama in the Mall: If ever there was a wall of dreams, here’s one: The enigmatic siren in the Sephora window offers the secrets and apparatus of beauty to every female passer-by. Come inside, her gaze hints, and learn all the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST

What is a lighthouse doing on a lawn? What is a witty urban red-lips sofa doing outside in the country?   Answer: At one time or another they both caught the eye of one of the great collectors of Americana, Electra … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ABANDONED

Even made of marble, these handsome creatures are subject to the hardships of time and circumstance. True, they’ve ended up at the small but delightful Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, but in rather crowded circumstances: Although abandonment doesn’t appear to … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: NOSTALGIA

Oh, for the days when I could wear these! Nothing like red shoes to lift feminine spirits! (And stiletto heels to rivet masculine eyes.) But alas, now it’s flats and worse than flats. Now it’s New Balance sneakers and walking shoes, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

In the hall of Antiquities at the Yale Art Gallery, this young visitor (with all the aplomb of a mature docent) makes sure that nobody misses whatever it is that has caught her interest — Her gesture is graceful, her … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THE SIGN SAYS …

Leading off with a sign that exemplifies Truth in Advertising — This one promises a Very Sexy Push Up. I think it delivers! At where else? Victoria’s Secret, in the Hampshire Mall.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: IN THE BACKGROUND (2)

Here we have behind the mirror in the Green Room several Ladies in Waiting. Guess what they’re waiting for? Right. That’s how you can tell it’s a Ladies’ Room, by the way. There’s always a line that’s waiting. One thing … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PATTERN (4)

Can’t you just tell? From those stylish signature stripes alone, you KNOW that Sephora, the ultrachic cosmetic boutique, is a French company. And if you’re a woman, you also KNOW (or long to know) that a consultation and a purchase … Continue reading

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Portrait of Amalya

How eloquent is a back? On our travels the Hub always loved taking photos from the back. He called it his signature shot. My interest is more in things, in what Thomas Aquinas (get me!) called quidditas, the “thingness” of things, … Continue reading

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MY NEIGHBORHOOD: Weekly Photo Challenge, Any Way You Want!

Yeah, it’s great to have mobile phones that double as cameras. Or iPads that double as cameras. It’s also great to have cameras, PERIOD. It’s the photos that count, isn’t it? So here’s another photo of “my neighborhood,” stretching that … Continue reading

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