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Weekly Photo Challenge: TWINKLE

Twinkle twinkle little pond — In Acadia National Park, on a brilliant summer’s day, the diamonds of this small pond twinkled in three bands, each on a different frequency. Acadia itself is a jewel in the crown of the State of Maine, The … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: NIGHTTIME

“All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born.”    This is the sight that greeted us one Saturday evening, returning from the glories of the HD opera broadcast to the warm glow of lamplight and this beautiful serenity of white-drifted … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BETWEEN

Between inside and outside their respective sheds, these adorable beasties poked their curious heads: Hey there, Mr. Pony! And Hola, Señor Burro! Just waiting for kids to come by and pet their noses?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MONUMENTAL

If present-day Northampton were to choose its monument, it might well be a bank of solar panels flanked by a long row of recycling bins, with bicycles rampant here and there. But when you actually drive along our main drag, Route 9, your eye will pretty immediately be … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: IN THE BACKGROUND (1)

Okay, who’s looking at what???????? Or whom?????????? The reality is —- I wonder!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PATTERN (2)

Still at the bank: It never struck me like this before — but a schedule is a kind of pattern too. Speaking of the patterns of one’s life, it’s something else to take into consideration!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FORWARD (1)

How about beginning with the obvious? Nothing like putting your best foot forward! I’m on my way —-

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE

Many emotions mingle in this photo — Delight at having captured the essence of something I loved, nostalgia for a place I love and probably will never visit again, sorrow because this unique “bonsai” tree (which was actually lifesize, that … Continue reading

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I Won’t Complain Any More

Another asset for a photographer: being short! Who knew? An item in today’s Writer’s Almanac, a daily newsletter from Garrison Keillor at PBS chockablock with fascinating facts about poets, writers, essayists, and generally inspirational people: “Today is the birthday of photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Of Dragons, Tears, and Renewal

Although there are exceptions, most forms of renewal happen slowly. Think of the slow round of the seasons, the patience needed to follow the life cycle of plants. A human baby takes 9 months of growth to enter the world … Continue reading

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