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Weekly Photo Challenge: NOSTALGIA (2)

Old-fashioned flowers in old-fashioned gardens trigger childhood memories. I never saw an impatiens when I was growing up. Now they seem to be ubiquitous. New Guinea conquers Long Island shrubberies! No, I grew up with flowers like cosmos and zinnias, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: World Through My Eyes (2)

It was the harbor in Ogunquit, ME. But to me it was as close to Venice again as I’d be getting for quite a while, if ever. So the young rower with the strong arms — not by a long … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THE SIGN SAYS (2)

Another Truth in Advertising sign: This store in the Holyoke Mall sells exactly what you think they’d sell, and each candy concoction is ickier, stickier, and gooier than the next! I think you have to be six years old; otherwise … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNIQUE

Many emotions mingle in this photo — Delight at having captured the essence of something I loved, nostalgia for a place I love and probably will never visit again, sorrow because this unique “bonsai” tree (which was actually lifesize, that … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE (2)

When I was a little kid, snow was magical. Now it’s just ho-hum, the white stuff (and that last word is often a euphemism). But sometimes, when the flakes are big and lazy —- for the first five minutes the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ILLUMINATION

Light Up the Night! That’s what happened when the fire alarm went off at two in the morning at our hotel in Portland, Maine. Flashing red lights, great yellow spotlights, night to day as the movie term has it:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: GEOMETRY

Math. Grrrr. Okay. I am an innumerate. (That is, illiterate when it comes to numbers.) Your basic arithmetic, I’m okay. Algebra, I really liked. I’m a big reader of detective stories and mysteries, and, so far as I’m concerned, searching … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN

Foreign to me = exotic. My lacquer box portrays the Firebird, a legendary Russian creature resembling our fairy tale Phoenix. The Firebird comes straight out of a Russian fairy tale, and Russia to me — for many reasons — is as … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: HAPPY

I’m easily made happy — lots and lots of things can do it. With fingers crossed, I’ll show you a whole medley of them (assuming I can get the WordPress new gallery function to work):

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE

Not necessarily the most glamorous photos, but the subjects indubitably are mine! First, a nice cup of tea, green tea, for warmth and solace and contemplation: And less glamorous still, but certainly mine own — my two published books:

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