Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUR

An interesting idea, interesting challenge: BLUR.  Why might we keep a blurry photo, instead of tossing it?What might it express? Well, a number of things, actually.

I’ll lead off with a conventional image, perhaps the most conventional of all. The blur here conveys the flickering of these candles handily enough:
Flickering CandlesAnd the blur below might represent a storm, or some kind of atmospheric disturbance, although in the event, it isn’t. To me the blur reflects confusion about what is land and what is water, in this photo taken in Look Park:

The World Under the Water

Blurring also represents dynamism. You just know that these Portland firefighters have made all possible haste to get to the hotel and discover the fire that’s summoned them here:

Portland Firefighters

Blurs can serve another, less obvious purpose. Why was I so delighted with this self-portrait, so willing — against my usual habit — to post it online? Because it so nicely conceals my face even while revealing it! For those allergic to having their photo taken, a blur is a very satisfying phenomenon.

The Face in the Window

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUR

  1. Barb says:

    I like the firefighters and your selfie – excellent representations of blur!

  2. Stef says:

    All great representations of “blur”. And yes – most blurry photos are disposed of vs. retained, so it’s very interesting to learn why any blurry photos are kept around.

  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    Love your take on this week’s theme. There’s so many interpretations of blur, I like your last one a lot 🙂 I thought the candle shot was very good – you can literally see warmth wafting all over the place. Those firefighters look like they are in a big hurry. Hope they got the job done!

  4. rebekah says:

    Oh what excellent photos you had to represent ‘blur’!

    I forgot it was the WP photo challenge yesterday…

  5. These are great, Judith. The candles remind me of when I use to go to church as a child to light them in prayer. The firemen are electrifying. And you, dear lady, are fabulous!
    Enjoy our week. 😉

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