Weekly Photo Challenge: ENDURANCE, 2

In answering the challenge to depict things that endure, natural forces might well be the very first to come to mind. And yet the great natural forces — the sea, rocks, mountains — are engaged in their own wars of endurance:

The rocky coast of Maine, Acadia National Park

Irresistible force: the ocean. Immovable object: the rocks. What happens when they meet? In the end the battle is always unequal. Given sufficient time, water — shapeless, formless, yielding — wins over brute rocky strength. The ocean endures.

Rock Ledges at Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Mountains also symbolize the indestructible, the eternally enduring. Yet of course they are not. Given sufficient time, erosion — water again! — wears them down also. But in the long aeons of “meantime”, what powerful symbols of endurance, in varying moods:

Tucson Mountains, Mellow Sunset

Sometimes the sunset skies over the mountains in Tucson are mellow and warm.

Brooding Tucson Mountains

Sometimes they’re dark and brooding. These mountains have endured for centuries, and will go on enduring — but nonetheless are eroding all the time, even if we cannot see it.

On a much smaller scale, Nature manages other impressive feats of endurance. There is a gingko tree on the Smith College campus that was planted in 1901. One hundred and thirteen years later, it has become a formidable presence:

Gingko Tree, Smith College Campus

And a magnificent symbol of endurance, this time on a scale that we can comprehend.

(Still to come: Architectural wonders of endurance.)

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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: ENDURANCE, 2

  1. These photos are wonderful. The Gingko I especially like.

  2. Stef says:

    These images are the perfect representation of endurance! In fact, when this email first came into my inbox, I thought it was from WordPress announcing the weekly challenge – that’s how awesome these images are. Nicely done!

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