This week’s theme, FRAY, was really challenging for me, photographically speaking.  I began with the idea of a battle, a skirmish, a tussle. Okay; but in a peaceful New England landscape, how’s that going to play out? We don’t run to many skirmishes around here —

Then I had an idea. Eccentric enough, but then again, that’s me. Without further ado, the stages of an almost nightly fray right here in my own house:

Husked and Readu

Corn and Pasta Pot

Boiling Water

Two Minutes or Less!


Then add lots of butter, salt to taste, and dive right in:

Lots of Butter, and Dive Right In!And the result — another meaning of the word fray, as, tattered, ragged, worn.

What none of this fully conveys is the joyful deliciousness of it all! Real battle should only be as wholesome and satisfying.


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  1. That’s exactly what I’m having for supper tonight…cooked just that way!

  2. Oh do I love corn on the cob! These shot make my mouth water. Good take! (You should see my corn cob when I’m done. There is nothing left that resembles corn. My husband is amazed and after 23 years together, still can’t figure out how I do it. Some things are just meant to be a secret!)

  3. Stef says:

    You love your corn! 🙂 I’m going to the state fair on Wednesday, where I am told I MUST eat an ear of freshly roasted corn. If I do, I’ll definitely think of you….

  4. 3 out of the 4 of us in braces here made me long for the year I can get everyone having straight teeth so we can enjoy a sweet corn supper. Oh my goodness you have made me so hungry!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      I make myself hungry! Tomorrow I’m going to cross the river and go to my very favorite farm stand and get a batch before a sudden cold spell puts an end to an already short season.

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