What a great challenge!

The sense of touch has always been very powerful for me, from the time I was very small, and fabrics of all kinds made my fingertips itch. Not itch, allergy! Itch to touch them — And my fingertips still itch to touch all sorts of things. So I’m starting with things that are meant to be touched, handled, used.

Well-worn leather bag

Leather goods — A well worn handbag — soft and warm, somehow, to the touch. Guys say that a well-worn baseball mitt looks and feels like this. Strong but soft, pliable, warm. Not a bad recipe for the baseball player as well, eh?

And then there are gloves. My favorite winter pair:

My favorite gloves Worn so often, for so long, that even when my actual fingers aren’t in them, my presence remains —

Do you have something that holds your presence even when you aren’t there? Is it beloved?

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  1. I know what you mean. A pair of jeans that I’ll never fit into again but they have a patch on them. It’s the Batman insignia. Long story that involves my now 28 year old son, who, at the time the pants fit me, was way way younger, and of course, so was I. Beloved. Yes. Long story. 🙂
    Love your formed leather.

  2. Stef says:

    You would have made a good merchant. I remember my first year in retail, learning how to caress fabric swatches to get a good idea of their ‘hand’. I didn’t have a knack for it – but I bet you would.

  3. Barbara says:

    I love your gloves which are still full of your presence even when you’re not wearing them!
    I itch to touch things too Stef! I have a shawl my mother hand knitted for my son when he was just born (he is 35 now!) and I still love to get it out every now and again to feel it’s texture, and the memories come flooding back! Mum’s not with us anymore, but her love is in the shawl; I’ve told my son the shawl is for his firstborn but I’m still waiting……..
    I love the different textures of plants too, can’t resist to touch them when passing!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Proust tasted a madeleine and wrote five volumes inspired by it! I think touch could inspire a lot as well.
      That’s a very touching story you’ve shared with us, Barb. Volumes of memories, as you say —

  4. It’s leather goods for me too. I have a countless number of handbags, but there’s this one favourite, that I just love to touch. It’s the most beautiful, soft, Italian leather …

    It’s very sensitive, so I’m kind of careful about it.

    LOL @ Proust and the madeleine

  5. jfb57 says:

    I usually wear woolen gloves which don’t behave in the same way. Love the colour of the bag!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      No, wool doesn’t feel the same or behave the same. Human being doesn’t imprint on it — except maybe a really really old and saggy cardigan?
      (The color of the bag is what it was bought for!)

  6. I like your thought, “…when my actual fingers aren’t in them, my presence remains.” Kind of like life. You always make quite an impact. Thanks for being you and sharing your insight. It’s always beautiful!

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