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Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST

What is a lighthouse doing on a lawn? What is a witty urban red-lips sofa doing outside in the country?   Answer: At one time or another they both caught the eye of one of the great collectors of Americana, Electra … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BETWEEN

Between inside and outside their respective sheds, these adorable beasties poked their curious heads: Hey there, Mr. Pony! And Hola, Señor Burro! Just waiting for kids to come by and pet their noses?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: EXTRA! EXTRA!

A little something extra in the garden — To add interest? To chase you away? I can tell you, I didn’t linger!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ROOM

Sometimes the problem is one of room. After all, there were plenty of houses available here in this prime Tucson location: But, as you can see, these Greek statues simply needed too much square footage. They needed so much, in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

The story? Pig into Pork —   And a close-up of the process: (Photo taken at Sutter Meats, Northampton, where old-fashioned butcher techniques have a new exponent.)

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