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Weekly Photo Challenge: ON TOP

Indisputably, what’s on top at the nearby Holyoke Mall is —-  THE FLAG! In pride of place, way on top of the three storied atrium,  this giant red, white, and blue presides over all transactions taking place below– even having a latte … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MONUMENTAL

If present-day Northampton were to choose its monument, it might well be a bank of solar panels flanked by a long row of recycling bins, with bicycles rampant here and there. But when you actually drive along our main drag, Route 9, your eye will pretty immediately be … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: THRESHOLD

How many senses there are to the word “threshold”! I’m starting off with a genkan, a kind of no-man’s-land space between  the street and a house in Japan. This threshold figuratively marks the difference between inside (no shoes) and outside (shoes). The next threshold opens from outside gardens to … Continue reading

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