Weekly Photo Challenge: SELFIE

Outside of the fact that the term “selfie” sounds like it was invented by a pre-kindergarten teacher for her fledglings —

the art of the indirect self-portrait is fun. And it’s certainly much easier for me to bear looking at myself when it’s kind of through a glass darkly — as here —

My world at the Apple Store

Or even here, reflected in the window of my favorite store:

Image in Apple's Window

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22 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: SELFIE

  1. bhawnavij says:

    I love the first visual. the picture is quite intriguing with lots of elements…:)

  2. jfb57 says:

    Love it when the world has a photo we didn’t know we’d taken!

  3. I like them both.


  4. I really like these two! Sometimes they’re totally unexpected.

  5. Francesca Maria says:

    I’m simply a selfie addict:)

  6. Stef says:

    What store are you “posing” in front of? 🙂 You look cute!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      The first shot is in the Apple store here in the Holyoke Mall, very East Coast.
      The other is also an Apple store — standing in front of it in the enchanted shopping center in Tucson, Arizona. Some difference! But both Apple stores —

  7. Jen Payne says:

    I love the magic of reflection photos! These are great!

  8. pauline says:

    Very reflective 😉

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