Weekly Photo Challenge: JUXTAPOSITION

The last sweet juxtaposition I enjoyed was in this box of chocolates from Chocolate Springs, over the mountain back in the Berkshires. Friends who know how much we loved Josh’s confections brought us this assortment when they came to visit during the holidays. You’ll notice the celebration for all seasons — check out the Christmas trees and the Jewish Stars of David in the bottom row!

Holiday Chocolaltes

We had lots of visitors and socializing and fun over the holidays, which is certainly A Good Thing. Since then, instead of sweet we’ve had BITTER, as in Bitter Cold, Biting Cold, and still more Bitter Cold. Snow — which we haven’t had so much of — at least would be pretty. There’s nothing pretty about this bitter bitter GRINDING cold, day after day.

Here’s what it’s like: Start at dawn with 1 degree Fahrenheit (minus 17 Celsius), maybe work up to 10 (minus 12 C) and drop back down at night to minus 6 Fahrenheit (minus 21 C). What’s going on here? It was 40 degrees Fahrenheit today in Alaska!!!!!

Frankly? I think Mother Nature is suffering from PMS and needs to get over it. Get with the program, Mom!

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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: JUXTAPOSITION

  1. This is probably the best juxtaposition image I’ve seen so far.

    Yeah, the ‘Polar Vortex’ is back in place. -21ΒΊC this morning. We seem to get new ‘weather words’ all the time — last year, we had a ‘weather bomb’ LOL

  2. NANCY says:

    Regrettably, even very delicious looking chocolates cannot ameliorate the affects of the gripping cold. The long tapered icicles outside a window are a lovely wonderment though they mostly serve as a visual reminder of how really cold it has been for so many days now. Feel badly for those who must work outdoors . . . those who must bravely stand outside waiting for a bus or train . . . while we lament, but are sheltered in our homes (albeit wearing sweaters; often ones from long ago) sipping hot tea or coffee and perhaps reading an engaging book, listening to music, finally taking care of a long neglected project, making a wonderful pot of soup, finally baking a recipe that we clipped eons ago . . . all to our heart’s content. Not sooo bad.

  3. jfb57 says:

    Love the picture & so agree about Mother Nature. Poor thing completely confused!

  4. Vortex shmortex! I’m freezing! It’s too cold and it’s snowing – AGAIN and I agree. Mother Nature is having a meltdown and it’s getting old!
    p.s. I want the one in between the Christmas Tree and the Star of David. But I’m betting it’s gone!

  5. Pauline says:

    I’d love to be in juxtaposition to that box πŸ˜‰

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