Happy Christmas to All!

It seems paradoxical that the quintessential Christmas plant comes to North America from the tropics. Yes, the poinsettia’s heat and vivid color originate in Mexico. The cheerful flowers so delighted Joel Roberts Poinsett, first United States Minister to Mexico, that he introduced it here in 1825, and it has reigned  ever since as THE Christmas flower.

Poinsettia, Aerial View

A dinner guest brought us this blooming specimen a few days before Christmas. I’m glad I caught its splendor on the camera right away, because the combination of a chilly house and my own notorious black thumb has proved lethal. Alas, as of this morning, Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, this particular poinsettia is no more. It exists only as a happy memory.

But life consists in great part of memories, hopefully of mostly happy ones. And so, my friends,  I wish you all many happy memories of the season. May they be colorful and cheerful and lovely, and may they flourish long in the treasure chambers of your hearts.

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4 Responses to Happy Christmas to All!

  1. nancy first says:


    I have a green thumb (usually…) but my poinsettia hit the dust too..unbelievably. I put it in a larger pot and filled it with special potting soil, but little by little the petals curled up, fell off and the whole plant drooped. That was a great disappointment – it had looked so lovely and had special little white, green and red centers. I won’t try changing the soil next year…

  2. Stef says:

    Christmas exists in Mexico, too. 🙂 I hope you had a lovely holiday – and here’s to an amazing new year.

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