My Vegetable Love —

Now that my true love will be leaving me in three weeks or so — I want to confess my passionate summertime affair. Not this summer only, but every summer since I was a child —

Corn Closeup

Here it is, my vegetable love! Oh, I can hear you thinking right now:  That’s it? The grand passion? Pretty scruffy looking, if you ask me.

But let me help you see through my eyes. Just click on over to Touch2Touch for my impassioned farewell to summer and my true love —-

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6 Responses to My Vegetable Love —

  1. says:

    And your affair has lovely hair! 🙂

  2. One of my favorite memories is eating corn on the cob, fresh from the local farm, on my grandmother’s patio in Pennsylvania. One summer, we watched bees get drunk on leftover puddles of butter!

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