Weekly Photo Challenge: ESCAPE INTO CHANTICLEER (3)

Nothing like being overwhelmed with beauty, is there? I’m posting more photos from Chanticleer Garden, south of Philadelphia, where we had a blissful escape just last week. (Two previous posts here and here on View have given you brief glimpses: check ’em out as an introduction.)

On the way to the swimming pool, a small water fountain and lush plantings:

On the Way to the Pool

A crowing Chanticleer to guard the swimming pool:

Another Crowing Chanticleer

In a great basin on the pool terrace is a floating flower arrangement, something I haven’t seen before:

Floating Flower Arrangement

A charming companion shares the view from the terrace with us:

From the Terrace

Two more blue chairs are set up here to view a grand vista:

Two More Blue Chairs

The Great Gatsby may be all the current rage, but Gatsby’s fabled Long Island mansion  couldn’t have outshone this Pennsylvania splendor:

Grand Sweep

Rested enough? Let’s continue strolling through the grounds. To my great delight, there’s a stretch of wild poppies! I adore poppies. I’ve almost never seen them growing wild this way in my part of the US, but they are everywhere in Burgundy, in France.


Next post coming up, we’ll complete our tour. With a P.S. to some. Here’s an item that’s old news, but may be new to many of you, and is dear to my heart. It’s about another vital one of the five senses, Touch.


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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: ESCAPE INTO CHANTICLEER (3)

  1. Oh! What a wonderful escape you had indeed! I especially like the combinations of greens in oranges in these photos – it’s vibrant and soothing at the same time.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      There were a lot of that green/orange combination and I found it odd and somewhat disconcerting every time, although I don’t know know why. Something for everyone, I’d say!

  2. Yes, more garden pics! I especially love the floating flower arrangement. I saw one in Germany, with roses of all different colors and kinds. The most beautiful and artful floating flower arrangements, that brought me to me knees (literally, at least to photograph them!) I found in Bali. Made fresh daily, just gorgeous.

  3. Those blue chairs are wonderful! I can imagine myself sitting out there in the middle of the openness. We do not have much open area in the cities here. It always leaves me longing to run away to rural areas. Those blue chairs might just be the place to run to and listen to the quiet birds sing in that beautiful tree.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      To me it was amazing that chairs like this (in various colors!) were scattered around the gardens, inviting you to sit down and rest awhile. Most public spaces seem inhospitable by comparison, always kind of hustling you along!

  4. Stef says:

    The floating floral arrangement is stunning. And I’ve never seen a field of poppies before, ever (save in The Wizard of OZ). They are quite incredible, non?

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