Weekly Photo Challenge: ESCAPE (2)

Chanticleer Garden, in Wayne PA, is a very special place. You already saw one enchanting corner of it the other day, here. The sprawling grounds are gorgeously landscaped and studded everywhere with sweeps of jewel-like flowers. Everywhere is beauty, everywhere is an invitation to escape into Nature at her most gracious and civilized. Here are some glimpses of what awaits, with more to follow later in the week.


A short walk from the entrance, and we reach the gateway to the house, a classic French chateau. Chanticleer means the rooster in French, and this Chanticleer is the first of many  to welcome us. He stands on cock-a-doodle tiptoe! (These magnificent rose-like flowers are tree peonies, which we are lucky to see during their brief blooming.)

The Chateau

Does the chateau seem so formal and elegant that it tell us to “keep off”? Think again:

Inviting Chairs

They knew we were coming, and they’ve prepared these inviting blue chairs for us to sit in and rest a while  —

(Rest up, but quickly: soon we’ll be setting off on our exploration.)

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10 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: ESCAPE (2)

  1. Such breathtaking colors – the hot pink flowers, the chartreuse leaves, the sky blue chairs. Love the rooster and the circle pattern. Tell me your eyes (and lens) were happy for the new surroundings!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Absolutely. All of the above: the colors, the patterns, the vistas. We had a grand time, me and my lens!
      (Two more batches of photos to come; these grounds never quit.)

  2. Pennsylvania is blessed with beautiful public gardens. How I’d like to see Longview Gardens again and add this one to my list…

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Do add it! Longwood is very splendid and quite wonderful, but very different.
      These are — however extensive and beautifully planted — the grounds of a former private home, so they are intimate. A very different feel. I think you’d love Chanticleer.

  3. Those blue chairs are begging to be sat in. I’ll need to look up how far away this is from us. It looks heavenly.

  4. Wayne, PA looks like quite the beautiful and inviting place to “escape” to. Amazing beauty is found in your pictures.

  5. Stef says:

    This setting looks absolutely charming. SO inviting!

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