Weekly Photo Challenge: ABOVE (3)

We eat horizontally, but look vertically —  Looking down from above, here are some summer lunches, maybe vaguely Spanish in theme? Or Mexican, perhaps? A Spanish speaking, warm country, at any rate. And delicious in any language, this sort-of-paella but not exactly:

Related to a paella?

Cold shrimp salad is always a winner. Yes, the tomatoes are brown; they’re a patented brown tomato called Kumato. They’re sweet at any time of year, even in the dead of winter. The only thing that beats them are local tomatoes, and we only get those in July, August, and September. So I’m a BIG fan of Kumatos:

Summer Shrimp

Then there’s one of my all-time favorites, stuffed avocado. This is the rock-bottom simplest version, just some tuna salad overflowing a luscious dead-ripe Hass avocado, with a big slice of radish for color and crunch. Yum:

Stuffed avocado

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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: ABOVE (3)

  1. You say Kumato, I say Yum! Plus shrimp? Yum yum!!

  2. Stef says:

    I adore avocado. Yum.

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