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Portrait of Amalya

How eloquent is a back? On our travels the Hub always loved taking photos from the back. He called it his signature shot. My interest is more in things, in what Thomas Aquinas (get me!) called quidditas, the “thingness” of things, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FUTURE TENSE

What a promise is made here! Bring your software and hardware problems to the Apple Store, and here at the Genius Bar, they will be solved — Come to the Apple Store for a personal training session with one of … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LUNCHTIME

Oh, is this ever a fruitful (pun intended) category! Nothing I like more than to whip out the iPhone (discreetly, no flash) and take a photo of what I am about to savor, dinner, lunchtime, even breakfast. Since this week’s … Continue reading

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MY NEIGHBORHOOD: Weekly Photo Challenge, Any Way You Want!

Yeah, it’s great to have mobile phones that double as cameras. Or iPads that double as cameras. It’s also great to have cameras, PERIOD. It’s the photos that count, isn’t it? So here’s another photo of “my neighborhood,” stretching that … Continue reading

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Phonography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Well, I did truly take it with my new but already trusty iPhone — but have no idea how I’d submit it as a WordPress post that way. So this photograph of an alleyway just beyond a neighborhood favorite, Cup … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOST IN THE DETAILS (3)

I realize I’ve been translating this particular challenge, Lost in the Details, to mean Hidden. A way of hiding something in plain sight, losing it among other details. This is probably not how most people are interpreting the challenge, but … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOST IN THE DETAILS (2)

Lost in the details, layer upon layer, here are some Japanese teapots at the Teavanna store in our Holyoke Mall: and here are the teapots, even more intricately layered, with some reflections thrown in: We’re taking a DVD class on … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOST IN THE DETAILS (1)

We won’t get caught up in petty details like hot and cold, will we? No, we’ll simply move on and get lost in their manifestations, as here, in the hothouse: And here, in the outdoor laboratory of cold:

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