Weekly Photo Challenge: FORWARD (1)

How about beginning with the obvious?

Best Foot Forward

Nothing like putting your best foot forward! I’m on my way —-

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15 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: FORWARD (1)

  1. onward and forward – a friend of mine signs her emails with this!

  2. rebekah says:

    Good idea … about the best foot! I think I may be left-footed, as well as left-handed. Not sure about the former, though.. 🙂

  3. pauline says:

    When taking modern dance classes (wasted on this awkward body) in college, I found I was cross dominant and could not decide which foot was left or right without pausing to think about it. Just as folks are right or left handed, it appears one can be right or left footed as well. To tell which you are, look at your stance as you mount a moving object, say a skateboard or an escalator. Your need for balance chooses your preferred foot for you. The discriminatory wires are crossed in my head, however.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      I love the word “wrongfooted” — your comment makes me think of it! I’ve never seen any indications of your awkwardness, though. When you walk through the woods you remind me of an Indian passing through. Hardly wrongfooted!
      (BTW, when I do my balance exercises lifting one foot while standing on the other, it’s MUCH easier and more stable when I stand on my right foot — and I’m righthanded.)

  4. Stef says:

    Cute shoe(s) – and the socks look deliciously warm…

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