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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE (2)

When I was a little kid, snow was magical. Now it’s just ho-hum, the white stuff (and that last word is often a euphemism). But sometimes, when the flakes are big and lazy —- for the first five minutes the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

Two kinds of love, at least! going on here: The big guy loves the little guy. The little guy loves the iPad. But the little guy also loves the big guy. He’s his grandpa! A very special relationship.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND (2)

Supermarkets often seem to be organized on very strange principles. I know that dairy counters are always against one of the farthest walls, so that in order to pick up frequent necessities like butter and milk and eggs, shoppers are … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: BEYOND

What lies beyond a window? Many things. For instance, a mountain in Arizona: Or an enchanted village: A forest in Maine: Or a mystery of unknowing. Or of not-yet-knowing:

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The World Gone Black and White

It happened overnight. The light fades, the snow falls, and falls and falls and falls — And in the morning, the world has gone black and white, as it is this morning: And what is there to say? Nothing, except … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ILLUMINATION

Light Up the Night! That’s what happened when the fire alarm went off at two in the morning at our hotel in Portland, Maine. Flashing red lights, great yellow spotlights, night to day as the movie term has it:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: RESOLVED!

The first photo challenge of the Year 2013 is RESOLVED! I don’t normally make resolutions, figuring it’s kind of a waste of energy. (Although I’d like it if you check out a sort-of-one on Touch2Touch.) Considering the way 2012 ran, … Continue reading

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