Weekly Photo Challenge: DELICATE

Meet ZeldaZelda, the Christmas sheep, was a present years ago from my stylish youngest sister.She certainly looks sturdy and robust, doesn’t she. (Not to mention stylish, with her starry cap, and red ribbon, and four ruby shoes!)

But she’s more delicate than she looks. Last week, mysteriously, she fell from her perch under the miniature Christmas tree and broke a leg. A dextrous friend took Zelda home and operated with Elmer’s glue (or some such substance) and returned her a week later, mended, although not perhaps quite as good as new.

So we’ve been babying her, extra careful not to jostle the tree or its table. After all, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our delicate Zelda!

(Do you have a favorite ornament? One, without which, Christmas wouldn’t quite be complete? Tell us!)

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17 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: DELICATE

  1. Gemma says:

    Zelda looks none the worse for pulling her Humpty Dumpty routine. I just love the ruby slippers. :-). I have a glass star that’s off-white and gold that has “I Believe” written on it in sparkly golden letters. Not only is it my favorite, but I leave it hanging all year long. 😉

  2. Barbara says:

    I LOVE Zelda, what beautiful shoes 🙂

    I adore quirky ornaments like this but I am not allowed to have them as our house is full already!! Christmas is the one time when I am allowed to display silly oversized funny ornaments. Zelda would definitely be a centrepiece on my Christmas Dinner table! Stunning !


  3. Tanner says:

    What a fabulous creature! She certainly catches the eye!

  4. pauline says:

    Even the sturdy among us have our breaking points 😉 Zelda is probably enjoying being coddled. I have a delicate ornament my daughter made for me from shells she’s collected along the beach near her home. Like Gemma, I leave it hanging all year long and I smile whenever I see it.

  5. Stef says:

    As a child, my favorite ornaments were the ones my sister and I made with my mom. (She was [and still is] a very crafty woman.) As a result, the tree could never be considered ‘fancy’, but it was overflowing with love.

  6. Zelda is adorable! I have an elf that I just adore. I bought him over 20 years ago in a charming little Christmas shop. He’s made of carved wood, painted to look weathered, and has a classic Swedish elf look about him. I always hang him by the dining room window so I can see him every day. (I never thought to name him, though.)

  7. Hey I remember Zelda and her gorgeous shoes from one of you earlier posts. She still looks good for her age and her leg looks like it’s mended beautifully!

  8. xties says:

    Your Zelda has reminded me that – for the first time in years – my Peruvian terracotta Nativity set remained in its box this Christmas. The endearing thing about this folk-art gem is that one of the three magi is a half-wit, having lost the back of his head in the shop. The fact that it was the last set available seemed somehow to add to its appeal. I was given three wise men this year –gorgeous Danish glass – so my lovely terracotta Nativity remained packed away … until next time.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      I never heard anything so endearing, the accidental half-wit king! I’m sure the Danish glass is stunning, but I do hope the terracotta set will see next year’s Christmas light. And maybe you’ll even feature it on your blog????

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