Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN (2)

My favorite book when I was a little girl was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But actually, I now discover, it is the second half of it, Through the Looking Glass, which contains all my favorite bits. The biggest adventure of all! To be in the usual world, but with that world turned inside out, upside down, backwards to forwards — that is to be in a truly FOREIGN world.

As it is with the written word, so it is with the image. Some of my favorite photos are reflections.  Through the surface of the known  — the window, the mirror, in this case the surface of a lake — there stirs something familiar and mysterious all at once:

Regular visitors here will not be surprised to learn that the lake is in my beloved Look Park. Now I move only a few feet to the right, and like magic, yet a different scene is revealed:

Another few feet, and here is a whole grove:

And finally,  here we are, at the juncture of two worlds, the everyday and the foreign:

No need to travel to be transported to exotic foreign lands!

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17 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN (2)

  1. tms says:

    Great interpretation – I did not see the challenge that way – of course you are right. And I like the pictures that come with your interpretation, they stand for an inspired view of the world. “Through the surface, a Grove” is most appealing to me.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      I just like reflections, Tobias, and it wasn’t until I looked at the photos on the computer that I saw what I’d actually caught. That’s exciting about “just shooting.”
      My interpretations tend to be a little at a slant, I think I’m just contrary.
      Waiting to see what you’ll be posting! And waiting for this monster storm they’re predicting. Hope they’re wrong!
      You, on the other hand, have snow!!!!!

      • tms says:

        Snow in October! And only seven days ago, we spent all of Sunday afternoon out in the sun, sitting in a garden café!

      • Touch2Touch says:

        Our young friend in Frankfurt is running her first marathon today — in the snow!
        (See my post of this morning on Touch2Touch for what’s going on here. Not any better!)

      • tms says:

        You just made me think: The world through the optical lens – does it become more familiar or more foreign? When we capture our Kodak moments to remember our journeys, do we aim at making that which is foreign to us our own … to take it back into the safeness of our homes? And when we walk our daily trails and bring a camera, would be not like to bring ‘a new angle’, a little ‘foreignness’ to our daily views and routines? For the lack of far journeys, I often seek to do the latter.
        And all this said, I might come up with any photo now – thanks to the inspiration you provided! Thanks for that – and we’ll see what this week brings.
        P.S.: I hope you’ll be safe in the face of the foul weather they announced – I think I remember last year’s drama…

      • Touch2Touch says:

        “when we walk our daily trails and bring a camera, would it not be like to bringing ‘a new angle’, a little ‘foreignness’ to our daily views and routines? For the lack of far journeys, I often seek to do the latter.”

        This is exactly how I feel, now that I no longer travel far in the physical sense. I still want to travel — and I think your observation is correct, this is how we might bring the foreign into our everyday lives.
        So glad to have prompted you to whatever is going to turn up on your blog in response to the challenge —

  2. Rebekah says:

    That’s a great interpretation of ‘foreign’.. and I love the reflections!

  3. beautiful reflections and what a neat take on the challenge. yet, I suppose, all that is not usual, is actually foreign!

  4. Stef says:

    Mmmmm… beautiful, provocative, thoughtful, and thought-inducing images Miss Judith.

  5. xties says:

    Judith, you write: “My interpretations tend to be a little at a slant, I think I’m just contrary.” It seems a lot of us like your slant … so don’t ever change.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Thank you, cross-ties!
      At my age, it’s unlikely any major changes will happen — but it’s REALLY nice to know that’s okay with the most important people of all, you visitors to my blogs.

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  7. How goes the reading of Alice, anyhow?

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