Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE

Not necessarily the most glamorous photos, but the subjects indubitably are mine!

First, a nice cup of tea, green tea, for warmth and solace and contemplation:

And less glamorous still, but certainly mine own — my two published books:

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE

  1. jfb57 says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize I’know’ an author! Brilliant!

  2. ngbf says:


    You are certainly up early!

    Do you have your books in our Lathrop Library? I think many of us would like to see/read them. I know I would. Nance

    • Touch2Touch says:

      In theory, they’re there — I gave two to the library. But I never see them there, so who knows?

      (Don’t trust appearances about early risers: I set the time for publication the night before and WordPress gets up early to do the job the next morning, while I continue to snooze!)

  3. I have just found two books I have to go look up! I did not know you wrote and published these books. Thanks for letting your secret out. πŸ™‚

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Since they were written quite a while ago (with ten years between them!) it’s like they were written by two other people! But I’d be thrilled if you read one or both. They’re quite different from each other, as you’ll see —

  4. …for warmth and solace and contemplation… and don’t forget anti oxidation! Really miraculous stuff… I drink it to counter the black espresso “sludge” I ingest regularly.

  5. pauline says:

    I have Convergence – why did I not know about Going to Jerusalem? What could be better than hot tea and a good book?

  6. Stef says:

    I’m SOOOOO impressed that you are a published author!

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