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The Challenge is URBAN

Not only is my physical self divorced from anything urban — my photography archives seem to be divorced as well. But I still keep a very clear image of what urbanity is. To my mind, the very best image ever … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: URBAN

It wasn’t till I went through my archives that I realized how thoroughly I’ve unurbanized myself. Small towns, villages, rural landscapes — all present and accounted for. But no more cities. (I do love seeing everyone’s photos of New York … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MERGE (4)

Looking rather like a formidable steel-leaf palm tree, this kinetic sculpture at the Currier Museum of Art was caught by a rising wind: and the steel fronds of the two palm fans encountered each other, not with a clash, but … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MERGE (3)

From a distance, this decorative silvery matrix is what you see decorating Sunglass Hut at the Holyoke Mall: But if you go up really close, you’ll discover that the matrix is actually a mosaic, the merger of a vast quantity … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (E)MERGE (2)

One of the great, eccentric 20th century architect Frank Lloyd Wright‘s firmly held ¬†theories was that a house should not be just a box plunked down on a piece of land, but that it should emerge from and be an … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: MERGE

Leading off with the most obvious — and most romantic— merge of all: Repeat after me: with this ring, and with this cake, I thee wed!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: WRONG (2)

Here they are, stiletto heels, in red yet! Very sexy, very glamorous — and VERY VERY WRONG! Men love when women wear them (but of course, you don’t catch the men actually ¬†wearing them). Women love them because — they’re … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: WRONG

Okay, what kind of duck is this? Only at the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen, MA are you likely to encounter this particular species!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: GROWTH (4)

Here is dinner salad growing in the garden of Melissa Kelly’s outstanding Primo restaurant in Rockland, Maine: A mixed green salad, so here’s more for the mix: And yes, the salad was fresh (obviously) and delicious. So was the entire … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: GROWTH (3)

As citizens of the 21st century (especially those of us who are citizens of the United States) we are powerfully inclined to believe that all growth is unequivocally good. To believe that bigger is automatically and indisputably better. Well, I … Continue reading

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