Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING (2)

“A painting is not worth owning unless it opens the gate of dreams.”

—   Brother Eric of Taizé, monk and painter

This is a detail from a painting called Il Magazzino, The Storehouse. It’s by Lucy MacGillis, originally from Pittsfield (our old stomping grounds), now resident in Italy. Her work shows influences of two of my favorite painters, Cezanne and Giorgio Morandi. (Working on my own still lifes I always had in my mind’s eye the solidity and simplicity of Cezanne’s apples and oranges. But Morandi’s stark minimalism I couldn’t even long to approximate. And in any event, Lucy’s work is finally all her own.)

Her painting opened the gate of dreams for us from the moment we first saw it, and the gate has never closed since.

The questions stay alive — What lies within the room beyond the door? Emptiness, or fullness? What is the source of the glowing golden light?  Only the answers change.

P.S. No photograph can ever do full justice to the depths and subtleties of the oils, the strokes, the actuality of a painting. In particular, the glowing golden light only comes to full life when one is standing in its physical presence.

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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING (2)

  1. there is something warm and inviting about this piece. Thank you for sharing it here.

  2. You have quite the artist’s eye, my friend!

  3. Stef says:

    It is very difficult to capture the spirit of a painting in a photograph. I do delight in wondering what lies beyond the entryway…

    • Touch2Touch says:

      The painting is larger than this detail, so this sense of an inner space welcoming/beckoning/inviting is even stronger. And the yellow of its interior (because of texture) actually seems to glow. So that’s the delightful question we live with — what is glowing within?

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