Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE (1)

I’ve got a strong hunch all of us are going to go to town on this one!

So I’ve decided to begin at the beginning, with productions by the most creative humans on the planet — CHILDREN. Children create as naturally as they breathe. These drawings are by two of my grandchildren (surely you aren’t surprised), who not long ago placed them in  our art gallery (AKA the refrigerator):

Drawing by Libby

This one is by Libby, who is, wait a minute, going to be nine? But that isn’t possible! SHE certainly feels like she’s nine already, so tough on me. (She drew this after a spate of rainy thundery weather, before the sunny inferno we’ve been living through currently.)

And here’s the offering of four-year-old Hayden:

Drawing by Hayden

Hayden has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t he? In the face-off between the cat and the inter-galactic missile/spaceship, who do you think will win?

(Incidentally, the refrigerator magnets are from the film Totoroa fantasy anime by Hayao Miyazaki, hands down my favorite movie of all time. I’ve watched it umpty-ump times, both with an English sound track and in the original Japanese, which I can’t understand, but I can fantasize as well as the next person. If you ever loved Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz, and you’ve never seen Totoro, well, you owe it to yourself.)

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE (1)

  1. reb says:

    Children are so creative. These are nice!

    I wasn’t going to take part in this one, I thought at first …but then again, I did.

  2. I don’t know. That cat look sinister and dangerous.
    Cute creativity.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      It does indeed. But in the movie — it seems sinister and dangerous, but it comes to the rescue like the U.S. Cavalry.
      It’s really a bus, a cat bus — don’t ask. Check out the movie, with grandchild if available, alone if not.
      Trust me!

  3. children’s art is so precious, isn’t it?

  4. Great drawings! I love how she has drawn the sun in despite the rain. And I love the Totoro magnets! Haha I’ve also watched it way too many times. We visited the Miyazaki museum in Tokyo last year and I was blown away by the amazing creativity of the man.

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Lucky you, to have been to the Miyazaki museum!
      The magnets are great, but when I was in Japan back when, they had a really big cat bus stuffed toy, maybe 3 feet long. Did I covet that! But it was really expensive, and I couldn’t exactly see me lugging it on the airplane!

  5. Stef says:

    Children are masterful artisans. How I wish I had some of that visual creativity within me… I guess I’ll just have to be content with expressing my creativity through the written word…

  6. Jen says:

    Two budding artists in the family? Bravo! (adding to Netflix list: Pajama Game, Totoro…)

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