Weekly Photo Challenge: JOURNEY (3)

A journey, interrupted —

Whose kayak? Has the owner just arrived, covered  their vessel and rushed off for a meeting? lunch? the bathroom? Perhaps the kayak has been there for a while — hours — days –waiting patiently for the owner to appear and make his/her departure? Or for the tide to roll back in? It looks lonely, I think.

Then I notice the two dots at right, one dark blue, the other saffron yellow. Are these perhaps the journeyers? But it’s time for a lobster roll, it’s why we came to Cape Cod, the end of the story will have to remain unwritten —

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18 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: JOURNEY (3)

  1. jfb57 says:

    You have written a great story here J! So much from the shot! Brill!

  2. pauline says:

    laughing – their journey interrupted by your lunch – your photos always make me wish I was wherever you are when you take them!

  3. I’m going with it’s them and bathroom break. But that’s just me. My husband says I know every rest stop from here to Georgia. Just sayin’ 🙂
    Again, an enjoyable journey via your photos.
    Thanks. Gem

  4. Touch2Touch says:

    Interesting. If the kayakers were you and me, then, it would for sure be the bathroom break!
    My test for a good tour guide — they stop every two hours. At least.

  5. Sometimes the journey we take with our imagination is more interesting and adventuresome than the journeys taken with trains, planes and automobiles. Lovely post, Touch.
    Also, yum on the lobster roll bit. 🙂

    • Touch2Touch says:

      When I was young, my imagination often was too much for me to handle —
      Now that I’m older, it’s more controllable. Not much. But sometimes, it’s a boon.

      P.S. I seem to remember you are also a lobster fiend, Tree!

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  7. reb says:

    I like pictures like that …they make you stop and think a little. Cape Cod is on my list of places I want to go before I die. It’s not totally out of reach.

  8. Jen says:

    Lobster Roll! Where? I bet that’s why the kayakers ran aground!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Maybe they didn’t have friends like we were traveling with, who used to vacation all the time on the Cape and knew where everything was. I think this town and beach was Wellfleet, but I wouldn’t swear to it!

  9. Wonderful Judith! I love the lingering questions this lone kayak leaves.

  10. Stef says:

    I love the perspective of this image – the things that are usually the focus are mere dots in the background; and the things we so often overlook on the ground are prominent in the scene. Cool.

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