“This morning, I was made aware…

Reblogged from fluffy flurries:

“This morning, I was made aware of that there’s a commenting problem going around in WordPress. On March 14, they changed something in their commenting system, and this is apparently causing problems. Some people can’t comment at all. Apparently nothing happens when they try to post a comment and when they try again, they’re being told it’s a duplicate.

I found a link, where this problem is being discussed and I’ve copied one comment from Timethief — a woman who always seems to be up to snuff about what’s going on in WordPress:

Read more… 264 more words

BREAKING NEWS:  Please, fellow bloggers — Check your Spam folders. It seems many comments from afflicted WordPress bloggers have been ending up there without a word of warning.


More alarmed or sad? I don’t know. This may be the end of my blogging. I am reposting this from my friend’s blog about the bizarrre situation at Why the powers-to-be are destroying the very feature that makes blogging worthwhile — the ability for people to interact — I don’t know, but they are doing it. 

My friends and readers, if you can’t comment on my blog, this is why; and this is why I cannot comment on yours.


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  1. Patti Kuche says:

    Let’s see if this one gets through . . . interesting to find this now because it was only the other day I found a most wonderful comment from you in the spam corner! This has happened with other comments both to me and from me. Off to investigate . . . hope you don’t stop blogging!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Equally interesting, Patti — I’ve been hearing a lot about people finding comments in spam, and that explains that situation also. If your investigations turn up anything, I’m on line to know. For the time being I’ll hold out, but I’ll also start investigating Blogger as a not-really-viable-but-maybe-possible alternative.
      I’ll try commenting on your blog later, right now I’m in melt-down.

  2. I’m confident WordPress will get this sorted out. soon, too, I hope.

  3. Stef says:

    I check my spam folder daily – and so far I’ve only caught one comment that wasn’t spam that got stuck in there. I’ve had no problems commenting on other people’s blogs – and I hope they haven’t had issues with mine… But i agree with Joss, I’m hopeful (and semi-confident) that the issue will be resolved soon for everyone.

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