Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast, 4

We’re still contrasting Inside and Outside, but look what’s happened here:

When the outside is so spectacular — Mountains! Arizona desert light! — the inside dwindles to insignificance, to nothingness. I sense a parable emerging; does anyone else find double, or triple meanings to this phenomenon?

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14 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast, 4

  1. pauline says:

    Ah but in this one, the outside demands to be real. No way you can make this landscape a mere dream. How interesting that these last two photos show nature – ours and the larger Nature – to be so aware of each other!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Not only is the outside real, the inside has become the dream, in the cave, and Nature gathers all brightness to itself.
      Is there a balance? I think so — to be continued.

      • tms says:

        “In the cave” triggers off Plato’s simile in my head … for him, the things-as-themselves, outside the cave, lit by a blinding sun, are what the philosopher should try to grasp.

        You say you feel a parable forming, and the first thing I thought was “looks deceive – it’s the inner values that could, hidden from appearance as they might be.” But now the “cave” made me understand it might work both ways.

        As we are dealing with photography I might add that Susan Sontag uses Plato’s simile as well in her critique of photography. If I remember correctly, she claims that photos show but mere shadows…

        “Gedankensplitter”, really – but they may show how much potential meaning this picture contains…

      • Touch2Touch says:

        Yes, I guess the word combo of dazzling light outside and a cave might well suggest Plato’s allegory of the Cave!
        I am a little embarrassed to say that what was in my mind, nudging me about a parable, was also about deceiving looks —- but from a very different viewpoint.
        I was a plain little girl, and very envious of the dazzling looks of very pretty little girls. I felt that I was beautiful inside, but no one seemed to be able to see this. So the “parable” obscurely sensed here (not fully conscious until dealing with your comment!) was that a gorgeous exterior — the Mountain! the Arizona sunlight! — might contain nothing more than insignificant, insubstantial darkness. Which would serve those people dazzled by exteriors right (sound about right for a 9-year-old?), and also proves that Renaissance tragedian (or whoever) correct who said Revenge is a dish best served cold. In this case, stone cold, after so many decades!!
        I laugh at myself.
        A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Obviously a picture CONTAINS a thousand words, and meanings.
        As always, thank you for your thought-provoking comments, Tobias.

  2. The outside is spectacular but I would think it is only when you are inside looking out, that you appreciate it more πŸ™‚

    • Touch2Touch says:

      You mean like a frame enclosing a picture, to make it stand out better? That sounds right —
      You remind me of a museum in our region where the spacing and settings of the window make the views outside a kind of portrait gallery at least the equal of what’s inside on the walls —
      Thanks so much for the visit and the comment!

  3. anthonyvenable110 says:


  4. Stef says:

    What a view! Who needs inside when surrounded by that spectacular outside?

    • Touch2Touch says:

      I wonder —
      If you lived all year round with that blazing sunlight, would the dimness of a cave occasionally appeal?

      • Stef says:

        Probably. We all need contrasts – if for no other reason than to remind us how blessed we truly are…

      • Touch2Touch says:

        Just spoke with granddaughter graduating from college and finding it impossible to get a job, she’s very discouraged and sees no options –
        Major challenge for me to keep my head and spirits to be helpful to her —not feeling so blessed on this one, but nevertheless you’re right. There are still the blessings, only this time maybe they need to be searched for in the shadows of the cave, since the blazing light outside illuminates only a barren desert landscape.

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