Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows, 4

The Forbes Public Library of Northampton, a building from the turn of the 19th into 20th century, is heavy and solid and imposing, outside and inside. Not a modern style, perhaps. But doesn’t this make a wonderfully inviting place to curl up with one of the multitude of books you can find here?

This bay area is part of the large Reading Room, over near the current magazines and daily newspapers. The sofa is comfortable, the lamps are great to read by — and if you want the natural world as refreshment from all the printed matter, you have just to lift up your eyes to the trees outside the windows —

Bookworms of the world, you’ll find a welcome here!

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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows, 4

  1. tms says:

    … reminds me of the library of the philosophy department in Heidelberg. Some places just ooze learnedness. And they can make a junior (me) feel way cleverer than he really is. Great atmosphere: The place you captured – the way you captured it – looks very inviting (to a bookworm).

    • Touch2Touch says:

      To appear in the same paragraph with Heidelberg — the Forbes LIbrary (and I) thank you!
      It’s the best public library in the Pioneer Valley, ugly and old fashioned but stately. I’ll get around to a photo essay post soon, it’s very photogenic (to me).

  2. thirdhandart says:

    I like this kind of heavy, sturdy architecture. It’s usually well-built and durable. The bay windows and wood paneling in the photo above seal the deal. This is the perfect reading nook!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Heavy and sturdy — certainly describes the Forbes. I’ll be posting about it soon on Touch2Touch.
      And reading, maybe right here in this nook, in the libe tomorrow!
      Thanks for coming by, my friend!

  3. barb19 says:

    It looks like a very relaxing area and I love the windows!

  4. Stef says:

    You know how I adore libraries (http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com/?s=library) – and this one is WONDERFUL! I could totally while away many hours in that cozy nook…

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