Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity, 3, or, A Tavern in Tucson

The sign in the window says Open. That’s an invitation to come on in. But why? There’s sure nothing special looking about this tavern/restaurant in Tucson. (It pretty clearly once upon a time was a House of Pancakes.) It’s on a commercial street, with a small parking lot next to it, and not much else, and frankly, what I’d expect to find inside is a nondescript bar, some brews, some bar snacks, maybe.

Actually, if someone hadn’t told us about it, I probably wouldn’t go inside at all.Β But if you do have faith, if you seize the opportunity and come on in, what do you find?

Well, yeah, there’s a nondescript bar, and they offer plenty of brews besides Samuel Adams. Okay. BUT — they also have some of the most delicious food we found in all of Tucson, although usually it was wrapped up in a more glittering package.

If it were a fancier place, their appetizers would be called tapas, and they’d be trumpeting their fusion of Spanish, Mexican, and Southwestern flavors that tickle the taste buds in an original and delicious way. But it isn’t, and they don’t. You have to be content with the lively food and aΒ cheerful, obliging waitress, and reasonable prices, and Β — yes — a warm welcome. Just as advertised in the window — Open. Come on in.

(What and where is it? Are you kidding? And have it swamped, and spoiled? No way!)

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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity, 3, or, A Tavern in Tucson

  1. 2e0mca says:

    I’ll do you a swap – you tell me about your pub and I’ll tell you about mine πŸ˜‰ Sounds like a nice place to go!

  2. Pauline says:

    There MUST be some place close by. Cassie’s Al has a nose for good Mexican/Southwestern food. I’ll ask him to steer you in the right direction!

    • Touch2Touch says:

      That’ll be good. I’d welcome that.
      And I do know about Mi Tierra.
      But — I couldn’t exactly get the words for this — the food was really more and different than all that. It was not much of a place but the cook was something special. An original.
      Do you like Mexican food? We could share some tortillas at Mi Tierra, or like that πŸ™‚

      • Pauline says:

        I spent a year in New Mexico and lost weight! I’m allergic to hot peppers and chiles – my throat swells, I get hives and must take an antihistamine to get breathing again. I’m also not fond of cumin or anise so my food options were limited. While I thank you for the offer, I’ll have to pass on that one!

      • Touch2Touch says:

        A New Englander through and through? πŸ˜‰

  3. jakesprinter says:

    Great post make me hungry thanks for sharing

  4. rutheh says:

    It would go nicely with my series of Places to get Food.
    Sounds delicious.

  5. I love places like this. They are the true gems hidden inside tourist cities. These are the places I seek when we visit new towns. You have to trust the locals when they say they are good, and then you leave longing for your next visit. Love it! I will have to go on a scavenger hunt for this particular open sign if make our way to Tucson.

  6. Confession: whenever I see one of those old International House of Pancakes buildings? I immediately salivate for Boysenberry Syrup! As a matter of fact, I was thinking about that just last week when I drove by the India Palace now living inside the IHOP I went to as a kid!

  7. Stef says:

    Often times the little nondescript places serve the most description-worthy fare. πŸ™‚

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