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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

#40 Green Street is an authentic French café — baguettes, croissants, apricot jam and all — and when we can steal away in the morning for a petit dejeuner, we do. So mellow is the ambiance that Frank — who … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Last Chance Opportunity

Why last chance? Two reasons. For one, the weekly photo challenge switches tomorrow to another theme. More important perhaps, the fall is rapidly failing. This photo was taken only three days ago. I marveled at it then. Look at the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity, 3, or, A Tavern in Tucson

The sign in the window says Open. That’s an invitation to come on in. But why? There’s sure nothing special looking about this tavern/restaurant in Tucson. (It pretty clearly once upon a time was a House of Pancakes.) It’s on … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity, 2

Come on down, we’ve got a whole lot of STUFF down here just waiting for you. Who knows what? Who knows what you can use it for? Come on, take a chance!!! You know you want to — (Acme Surplus, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Who could pass up this opportunity? Halloween is coming, and our Look Park is ready for it. There are howling wolves, and witches on their brooms, and black cats, and ghosts, and even a haunted train ride. I’ll be there! … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenges: Possibilities,4

Behind the scenes at the museum — What will be the next exhibit?  Paintings? Sculpture? It’s anybody’s guess: As glimpsed at the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA —

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibilities, 3

Combine a few letters and you can compose — an epic, a poem, a ballad, a treatise, a novel, a biography, the history of the world. Twenty-six letters of the alphabet in English, just twenty-six, and the possibilities are endless!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibilities, 2

To me this window tells a story, makes a promise, offers an illusion — If you come and buy these fine white garments, you will be ready to take off somewhere, flying high, to visit a tropical island where birds … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibilities

Eat your greens, say moms, coaxingly or sternly or pleading. If kids could go outside and pick them, mightn’t they find eating their greens more appealing? Like an adventure –How about the possibilities here, in what used to be called … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort, 4

Chocolate is an all-purpose comfort food. Lobster may be more specialized — there are some benighted folk who don’t like it, and some unfortunate folk who are allergic to it. Me, I adore it. When the prices for the little ‘uns … Continue reading

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