Herding Cats — Now There’s a News Story for You!

Tired of all the hurricane warnings? Tired of standing in line for batteries and bottled water? Tired from tracking down all the stray batteries and flashlights and tunafish cans in the house?

Ease up and relax for a minute and watch some guys who’ve got a REALLY TOUGH job!  (Incidentally this is my nomination for Funniest Ad of the Summer):

May not soften the hurricane winds, but could improve your mood!

Stay dry, stay safe, till soon —

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12 Responses to Herding Cats — Now There’s a News Story for You!

  1. Stef says:

    I hope you (and everyone, really) fare the storm okay. I’m thinking about you, and wishing for the best…

    • Touch2Touch says:

      Thanks for the wishes, Stef. We’ve battened down such of our hatches as are battenable, and were galvanized into action to pile the last few boxes from the move into the end of the garage so that we could *TA DA* get the car actually IN it!!!!! So some good comes of bad —

  2. Joceline says:

    a good chuckle for a day when so many are anxious.

  3. Pauline says:

    Ha! Didn’t know you could herd cats – I have trouble rounding up one! Stay safe in the coming storm.

  4. That is an awesome video and Cats are my life so I enjoyed this. Thanks.

  5. beingjulz says:

    I loved this ad when it came out! Thanks for the laugh.

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