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Weekly Photo Challenge – UP!

Up, up and — not exactly away, not on an escalator. Just UP. In this case to the second level of the appropriately named La Encantada Shopping Center in Tucson, Arizona. And when you’re done shopping at Tiffany, or sampling the … Continue reading

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Herding Cats — Now There’s a News Story for You!

Tired of all the hurricane warnings? Tired of standing in line for batteries and bottled water? Tired from tracking down all the stray batteries and flashlights and tunafish cans in the house? Ease up and relax for a minute and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers, 3

A violet by a mossy stone Half-hidden from the eye! Fair as a star, when only one Is shining in the sky. From The Lost Love, by Wordsworth

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FLOWERS

Fabulous flowers growing out of a stone “sarcophagus” in the equally fabulous Thuya Gardens outside of Bar Harbor, Maine, on Mount Desert Island. A very special place:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FLOWERS

When we were in Maine for last summer’s vacation, a hard cold rain didn’t let up for several days, and we spent a lot of time in the swapped house with our friends, reading, talking, eating, and dreaming of being … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: FLOWERS

What more beautiful? What more bountiful? My photo files, like so many bloggers’ files, abound with appealing flowers. How to choose? Since there’s a huge thunderstorm darkly threatening directly overhead at this very moment, I’m going for the sunshine and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ENTRANCE to My World —

When I came upon this quote in one of my favorite blogs, Mindful Balance, something went click for me: No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ENTRANCE

Still in San Miguel de Allende, another entrance: On Palm Sunday, Jesus entering “Jerusalem” on his donkey, solemnly processing through the crowded streets of San Miguel. In this devout city, Easter Week is filled with celebrations solemn and joyous, stark … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: ENTRANCE

An idyllic winter refuge against New England’s snow and ice: this is the casita which we rented for a month in San Miguel de Allende, a charming colonial city in the highlands north of Mexico City. It’s the kind of … Continue reading

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A “Borrowed View” —

The Japanese have a concept called shakkei,  or “borrowed view.” Here’s a definition: “When during design and construction of a Japanese garden nearby or distant landscape and landmarks are taken into consideration, and used in such a way that it appears … Continue reading

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