The Moon Will Not Mind —

People have ideas about Zen. Like, Zen is silent, simple, clear, no? Sometimes, NO!

Here’s a great story that made me laugh, borrowed from one of my favorite blogs, John Weeren’s About Zen:

A zen monk said: “There is nothing to talk about, nothing to find, nothing to grasp. All this talking is like barking at the moon. The moon will not mind. But all this trying to find is taking you nowhere. Trying to grasp is the whole problem. How simple!”

The other zen monk said: “Can you shut the hell up? I’m trying to meditate here.”

So true! Here’s a really strong, silent monk from Miyajima for your enlightenment:

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2 Responses to The Moon Will Not Mind —

  1. Stef says:

    This reminds me of the story of the 2 monks who come upon a woman struggling to cross a big puddle. As monks, the two men were not supposed to touch a female; but one of the monks, having compassion for the woman’s dilemma, picked her up, carried her across the puddle, set her down, and continued walking. The other monk quickly re-joined his brother, and the two were off again.

    15 minutes later, the second monk just can’t take it any longer, and says to monk #1: “I can’t believe you touched a woman! And you not only touched her, but you carried her for several moments! You know we’re not supposed to do that!” And on and on he went for a few minutes, scolding his fellow monk.

    After monk #2 was finished yelling, monk #1 calmly replied, “Yes, I carried a woman for a few moments. But you’ve been carrying her for the past 15 minutes.”


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